Our Digital Media & Publishing Unit

Our publishing unit is characterized by decades of experience in Desktop publishing, graphics design and conventional printing and publishing. Our responsibilities are enormous. They include conventional printing of magazines, calendars, posters, memos, diaries, seminar booklets, training materials and kits, books and other materials. Thus, we will open discussion, recommend, implement and provide excellent services to our highly esteemed customer as requested and offer professional advices. We have some products in this unit. We publish two magazines namely “Pinnacle” and “Digital Society.” The former will soon become a monthly magazine and it is meant to reach the world with meaningful and insightful events that will mould the lives of our readers and add value to them. Especially in areas of leadership, business, technology, entertainment etc. while the latter is a annual resource meant to reach the world with latest information on ICT in our annual convention. Other products include some of the books written by our staff and published by us; they include moral, leadership, business and computer books. One of such is “Diamond in the sand”, a 21st Century leadership tool, which is one of the resources we use in our Career, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Project (CLEP Africa) for young people and young minded individuals aspiring to become great leaders, entrepreneurs and attain the peak of their career. We are simply waiting to serve you

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