Datum for Development (Datum4D) is a data technology social enterprise initiative of DreamWorks Systems Solution Limited that leverages on technology-enabled measures to help capture and simplify real time data by focusing on critical sectors of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Nigeria using mobile apps, social media tools and web applications.


Following the progress made under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which guided global development efforts from 2000 to 2015, the world resolved that between 2016-2030, SDGs would focus primarily on the fight against extreme poverty, ensuring equitable development, environmental stability, gender balance etc Crucial to its success, there was the need for strong government systems and efficient and effective data collation and reporting systems that can measure and incentivise progress across the goals; this is the birth role of Datum for Development (Datum4D).


As a member of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, our organization is up to date with what is obtainable and what other Data Champions are doing all over the world. Our work is also consistently in consonance with the strategies, objectives and key actions of the Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data. We are also in partnership with other civil society groups interested In the collection, analysis, verification, aggregation and reporting on sustainable development data around the world.


As a data technology organization, we are interested in the entire value chain of data analytics from data capture to storage, from data aggregation to predictive analytics and to the machine learning. The whole idea is to simplify and interpret data generated from critical sectors of sustainable development goals (SDGs) and other development initiatives as achieved in different part of the world.


Datum4D also encourages citizens’ generated data to monitor and measure development to drive societal change. We are simultaneously making this data open to citizens and encourage citizen’s engagement of government on societal change as well as encourage citizen-generated data that people or their organisations produce to directly monitor, demand or drive change on issues that affect them. This is to provide direct representations of citizen’s perspectives and an alternative to datasets collected by governments or international institutions. Similarly, our organization partners with government and government institutions at all levels. Our function is to provide support to government, check progress reports on developmental issues seen through the eyes of the citizenry and ensure that data collection aligns with the strategies, objectives, and key actions of the Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development Data.

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